Pointing and repointing of paving is an integral part of the process, a first line of defence against the ingress of water. Sub-standard and erratic mixes can cause serious and unnecessary problems further down the line.  Adverse weather conditions, over zealous jet-washing, and even just time will see a rapid deterioration in substandard pointing.

Our guarantee

  • We only use quality products, specifically for use in commercial installations. We gauge all our mixes carefully to ensure consistency for durability and colour
  • Trained staff members will undertake the work (it won’t be passed to inexperienced labourers)
  • The old mortar (if applicable) will be removed and a joint at least 20 mm deep will be filled
  • The technical specification requirement, along with the aesthetic consideration, of all work will be assessed

Jointing materials have come a long way and there isn’t a one fix for all.

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