Block paving repairs

When installed and maintained correctly block paving can be a versatile and trouble-free solution for most commercial installations.  Problems arise when work is rushed, and the level of jointing sand hasn’t been allowed to fall – this is what ‘locks’ the blocks together. Done in a rush block paving can very quickly start to see rutting, sunken areas and an overall look of shabbiness.

North West paving can offer block paving repairs. Where necessary we will take up the sunken area, bedding layer and sub-base to install a geo-textile membrane to stabilise the area before resetting the blocks.

After repair we highly recommend that the whole area is professionally cleaned, which we do using a high-power rotary jet, and then a quality block paving sealer is applied. Good quality sealers provide numerous benefits, including: –

  • Bind the jointing sand together to maintain paving integrity
  • Enhance and restore colour to surface
  • Inhibit weed growth
  • Resist stains, especially oil leaks
  • In the long term it will save you money

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