Block paving repairs

Potholes are a common issue, not just on our roads, but on a variety of tarmac / bitmac surfaces, which have been worn, or have degraded over time. Potholes can be hazardous, not just for people tripping but also for vehicles that may be damaged. Potholes are the ‘weak – sunken’ spot in the surface and will deteriorate rapidly if left.

It’s not just a case of filling them in! We are often called back to repair a repair! All our repairs are carried out to ensure a long-term solution.  This is done by –

  • squaring off the sides of the pothole with a disc cutter
  • applying a ‘tack coat’ solution
  • filling the hole with HAPAS (Highways Agency) approved Tarmac
  • fully compacting with a vibratory roller or compaction plate
  • the joints are then sealed with thermoplastic over-banding tape.

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